A survey of Genesis through Esther, placing each in its historical, cultural, and theological context, with appropriate attention given to its contribution to biblical theology and its relevance to Christian life and doctrine.

Course Design and Lectures by Dr. John Meade

This course provides study in two current and often complimentary areas of clinical practice: telecounseling and private practice. The necessary knowledge and skills to conduct telecounseling that is legal, ethical, and evidence-based will be addressed. In addition, the course provides essential legal, ethical, and business-related considerations in developing both for-profit and non-profit private practices.
In this course students will learn an integrated understanding of physical, sexual, and other forms of abuse trauma based on biblical/theological and social science research. Students will learn how to develop a model for abuse trauma healing. This course is recommended for pastors, counselors, and lay leaders who desire to minister to those broken by abuse.
This course focuses on the major theories and models of family counseling and ministry within the local church. The course places an emphasis on pastoral care, counseling, and family ministry through a refreshed theological lens in order to build healthy marriages, families, and ministries.